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Advanced NanoMaterials and Technologies for Energy Sector – AdvNanoEnergy 2018; Vol 2; Issue 2

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Currently, there is a new attention to find a safe and efficient method to store hydrogen due to difficulties associated with compressed and liquidated methods. One of these methods is a solid-state storage by both chemisorption and physisorption. In this work, microporous activated carbon was prepared from Iraqi charcoal via chemical activation with KOH. Structural analysis and surface morphology characterized by XRD and SEM. Hydrogen adsorption performed using a homebuilt lab scale solid state hydrogen storage vessel. The vessel filled with hydrogen by pressurized H2 gas, under different low gas pressure and flow rate. It was found that increasing hydrogen gas pressure, within the low range used in this work during filling, would increase the capacity of the activated carbon to store it. 2.582157 wt. % hydrogen storage into activated carbon was achieved under the cryogenic condition and 5 bars pressure gas. Also, it was found that the residual potassium compound in activated carbons had an impact on the hydrogen adsorption enhancement at low pressures, while surface area and pore volume were constant.