Ali A. MAHMOOD and Maria ELEKTOROWICZ; Assessment of the compressive strength of weathered mine tailings matrices as a sustainable approach to road construction in cold regions; Advanced Materials and Technologies Environmental Sciences; 2017:1(1):1-11

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Create Date 3rd May 2017
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New mine tailings matrices were formulated from two different mine tailings from Eastern Canada. The tailings were mixed with Portland cement, fly ash, slag and a new binder called Calsifrit. The study consisted of two phases where in the first phase 5 cm3 cubic tailings matrices were formulated to assess the change in curing period on the compressive strength of the matrices. In the second phase of these tests cylindrical specimens were formulated to assess the effect of weathering on the compressive strength of the tailings matrices. The cylindrical specimens were exposed to wetting/drying and freezing/ thawing durability tests before subjecting them to unconfined compression tests. To assess the suitability of such matrices to road construction, their layer coefficients were determined. It was found that the new mine tailings matrices were suitable structurally (even after weathering) for road construction as it was demonstrated by their layer coefficients.