Anuja GHOSH, Manas GHOSH; Influence of Noise on the Self-Polarization Effect of Impurity Doped Quantum Dots; Advanced Nano-Bio-Materials and Devices; 2017:1(1):29-38

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Create Date 3rd May 2017
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Present study inspects the profiles of self-polarization effect (SPE) of impurity doped GaAs quantum dots (QDs) in presence of noise. Noise term maintains a Gaussian white character and it has been introduced to the system via two different pathways; additive and multiplicative. In view of a comprehensive analysis, modulation of SPE has been scrutinized along with the variations of several relevant quantities such as electric field, magnetic field, confinement potential, dopant location, dopant potential, noise strength and aluminium concentration (only for AlxGa1−xAs QD). Application of noise affects SPE noticeably. However, the extent to which SPE is altered depends on the noise strength domain and the pathway through which noise is applied. The outcomes of the study delineate viable routes to tune the SPE of doped QD system, particularly in presence of noise.