Fatemeh MOLLAAMIN; Language Acquisition and Perception Through the Role of Nano Chemical Neurotransmitters in the Brain; Advanced Nano-Bio-Materials and Devices; 2017:1(1):48-53

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Create Date 3rd May 2017
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It is ineluctable that language is a clear truism of the challenging of the human mind and it connects impressively to the brain. It has been investigated that neurotransmitters such as dopamine control human speech mechanism. In this work, it has been clarified the relation between language and brain through the chemical neurotransmitter by measuring the physicochemical properties of relative energy, Van der Waals forces and dipole moment via computational modeling. Then thermodynamic properties have been calculated by infrared radiation to recognize the active sites of dopamine structure and comparing it by some other neurotransmitters. In this paper, it has been exhibited that how dopamine can be effective for learning a new language and makes it easier and enjoyable.