Juliana de C. IZIDORO, Caio da S. MIRANDA, Sabine N. GUILHEN, Denise Alves FUNGARO, Shaobin WANG; Treatment of coal ash landfill leachate using zeolitic materials from coal combustion by-products; Advanced Materials and Technologies Environmental Sciences; 2018:2(1):189-198

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Create Date 31st March 2018
Last Updated 7th December 2018

Three different zeolitic materials derived from coal combustion by-products (CCBs) were used to treat local coal ash landfill leachate at the same power plant. The zeolitc materials properties were characterized in terms of mineralogical composition (XRD), chemical composition (XRF), total carbon content, morphological analysis (SEM), specific surface area (BET method), cation exchange capacity (CEC), loss of ignition, pH, conductivity and bulk density. XRD indicated that sodalite zeolite was formed in all the samples after hydrothermal activation of CCBs. One zeolitic product from baghouse fly ash (ZFB) presented the lowest SiO2/Al2O3 ratio, highest CEC and specific surface area, thus having a high capacity in removal of heavy metal pollutants. The zeolitic products were efficient to reduce arsenic concentration to a value below the legislation. All zeolitic materials also showed a significant removal of Ni, Cd, Zn and Co except of Cr at a dose of 10 g L-1. Thus, this work provides a sustainable strategy to resolution of solid waste from power plants.