Krzysztof LUBKOWSKI; Fertilizers with a delayed nutrient release; Advanced Materials and Technologies Environmental Sciences; 2017:1(1):38-47

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Create Date 3rd May 2017
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The paper presents the most important issues relating to the research and application of materials with controlled-release properties that can increase the effectiveness of nutrient uptake, alleviate the negative influence of fertilizers on the environment and reduce labor and energy consumption associated with the use of conventional fertilizers. The article discusses predominantly commercially available controlled-release fertilizers manufactured with the use of sulfur, thermoplastics, polyurethane and alkyd resins. The multistep diffusion model was pointed out as the best tool for the qualitative description and quantitative prediction of the nutrient release. Attention was also paid to the fertilizers prepared with the use of other materials like superabsorbents and polysulfone-based materials. Bio-composites of starch, lignin, cellulose and other natural or synthetic biopolymers were depicted as the most promising materials for the future application. The article contains also the quantitative analysis of bibliographic data and information on the market situation of fertilizers with a delayed nutrient release.