Muhammed Mizher RADHI, Yousif K. Al HAIDARIE, Anfal Ismael IBRAHIM; Relationship between the diffusion coefficient and viscosity of some artificial sweetener in blood medium by cyclic voltammetry using nano-sensor; Advanced Nano-Bio-Materials and Devices; 2018:2(1):247-253

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Create Date 1st March 2018
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Different artificial sweeteners were studied in blood medium as electrolyte by cyclic voltammetric technique using modified glassy carbon electrode with carbon nanotubes to determine the diffusion coefficient for the redox current peaks of artificial sweetener by Randles-Sevcik equation. It was determined the viscosity of the blood medium after the addition of the artificial sweetener to find the relationship between the viscosity and the diffusion of sweetener ions in blood medium and reach to the electrode. The high viscosity of blood and addition of the sweetener compound which causes impedes of diffusion the ions for redox current of the reaction on the surface of the sensor. So, the results of diffusion coefficient values depended on the viscosity of blood medium. Sorbitol compound has a higher viscosity in blood medium with lower diffusion coefficient values of redox current peaks and mannitol has lower viscosity in the series of the sweetener compounds in blood medium with high values of diffusion coefficient for the redox current peaks.