Muhammed Mizher RADHI, Zuhair Numan HAMAD, Majid Sakhi JABIR, Selda Sabah EZZALDEEN; Electrochemical study of nitrofurantoin at micro- and nanoparticles in blood medium using cyclic voltammetric technique; Advanced Nano-Bio-Materials and Devices; 2017:1(2):78-85

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Create Date 4th June 2017
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In this study one of classical antibiotic compound nitrofurantoin was studied as micro and nano particles in electrochemical analysis by cyclic voltammetric technique using glassy carbon electrode in blood medium to observe the oxidative effect on the blood components. It was found oxidation – reduction current peaks of nitrofurantoin in blood medium at +1 and -0.75 V respectively. The oxidation current peak was disappeared for the nitrofurantoin nano particles in blood medium, but for micro particles is still oxidize the blood. Different concentration and scan rate were studied to observation the electrochemical behavior of nitrofurantoin nano particles in blood medium which has good analysis.