Nguyen Tan DZUNG, Nguyen Van SUC. Study the freezing royal jelly in Viet Nam for using in the freeze-drying process. Recent Advances in Food Science; 2019; 2(1): 161-171

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Create Date 12th January 2019
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The purpose of this research is to find out the optimal freezing mode of royal jelly in Viet Nam to apply to the freeze-drying process. The experiments of freezing process were carried out freezing royal jelly by different plans. The data of those experimental plans obtained was used to build the multi-goal optimization problem to describe the freezing process of royal jelly in the first stage of the sublimated drying process. The multi-goal optimization problem was solved by Lagrange method, and results of these problem were found out the optimal freezing mode as follow: The temperature of freezing environment was -40.46oC, the freezing time was 1.63h and the thickness of royal jelly 12.93mm. Corresponding to these factors, the water inside royal jelly was completely crystallized (the rate of freezing water was omega(TFopt) of 1 or omega(TFopt) of 100%), the optimal freezing temperature of royal jelly was TFopt of -18.33 oC and the energy consumption of 1 kg final product reached the minimum value of 0.28 kWh/kg.