Olena Sych, Artem IATSENKO, Tamara TOMILA, Oksana OTYCHENKO, Oleksandr BYKOV, Yan YEVYCH; Si-modified highly-porous ceramics based on nanostructured biogenic hydroxyapatite for medical use; Advanced Nano-Bio-Materials and Devices; 2018:2(1):223-229

Olena SYCH

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Create Date 24th January 2018
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Highly-porous ceramics samples based on nanostructured biogenic hydroxyapatite and superfine fumed silica have been prepared using a foam replication method at a sintering temperature of 850°C. They were shown to possess a total porosity 86-89 % and a permeable open-porous (~ 90 % of the total porosity) structure with pore sizes in the range 500-1000 μm. The compression strength is equal to 0.3-0.4 MPa. According to the XRD analysis it was established that during sintering hydroxyapatite phase remains, which was also confirmed by IR spectroscopy data. The carried out studies in vitro (the dissolution rate in saline) of the obtained highly-porous bioceramics showed that the samples are resorbable and their dissolution rate increases with growing porosity and decreasing HA content. Evaluation of adsorption activity (by the example of antibiotic Ceftriaxon) demonstrated prospectivity of ceramics as carriers of drugs for acceleration of patients’ post surgery rehabilitation in orthopedic, traumatic and dentistry surgery.