Valentina Nikolaevna DIOMIDOVA, Oksana Vladimirovna ZAKHAROVA, Olga Vitalievna PETROVA; The use of the shear wave elastography technologies in the algorithm for diagnosing tuberculosis of the uterus in patients with secondary infertility; Advanced Nano-Bio-Materials and Devices; 2018:2(1):254-261

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Create Date 30th March 2018
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In this article are presented the results of 113 women of reproductive age study. The control group included 45 healthy women (the age range 22-47 years) who had no urogenital, endocrine system diseases or surgical intervention, no earlier than 9 months after the last birth and at least 3 months of regular menstrual cycles. The main group: 68 patients (the age range 24-48 years) suffering from secondary infertility, who subsequently as a result of an in-depth study found a tuberculosis lesion of the uterus. The main criteria for diagnosis were three times sowing of menstrual blood during one menstruation for bacteriological examination for the presence of mycobacterium tuberculosis, bacterioscopic and bacteriological examination of the secretion of the cervix on the microflora and mycobacterium tuberculosis. The aim of the study was to study the value of ultrasonic elastography with a shear wave elastography (SWE) in tuberculosis lesions of the uterus at patients with secondary infertility. Complex ultrasound studies of the uterus and appendages using the ultrasound elastography and SWE were performed on the Aixplorer (Supersonic Imagine, France). Based on the data obtained by us using the technology of elastography and SWE, stiffness values ​​for unchanged endometrium, uterine myometrium in healthy women of reproductive age are established. The significant differences in the stiffness of the endometrium and myometrium of the uterus body of healthy women of reproductive age and patients with tuberculosis lesion of the uterus, revealed by us, indicate the expediency of using SWE with elastometry in the study of patients suffering from secondary infertility.