Hamdy Maamoun ABDEL-GHAFAR, El-Sayed ALI ABDEL-AAL and Mohamed Mohamed SHOUKRY; Adsorption Characteristics of Na+ Ions onto Ion Exchange Resin: Kinetics and Isotherms; Advanced Materials and Technologies Environmental Sciences; 2018:2(2): 206-219

The adsorption of sodium ions onto Amberjet 1500H synthetic ion exchange resin was studied. The study was conducted by a batch method to determine equilibrium and kinetic studies using synthetic solution of 5.3 pH and Na concentration ranged from 10 to 20 mg/L. The experimental isotherm data were analyzed using Temkin and Dubinin-Radushkevich equations. Adsorption […]

Wei YAN, Linping KUAI; Comparison of effects of iodine-131 and uranium on Vibrio Qinghaiensis sp. Q67; Advanced Materials and Technologies Environmental Sciences; 2018:2(2):199-205

Effects of Na131I and UO2(NO3)2 on Vibrio Qinghaiensis sp. Q67 (a freshwater luminescent bacterium) were studied in the paper. Relative luminosity (Irel) was used as the tested physiological parameter. About Na131I solution, Four radioactive concentrations were designed. Irel was fluctuated as the activity under 1000Bq/ml and varied irregularly, while three successive stages in the bioluminescent response […]