Jing-Yi CHEN, Xiang REN, Li CHEN, Qian PENG, Jing-Yang LI, Ling ZHANG, Jin-Ning ZHANG, Xiao-Hui WANG, Fu-Duan LIU; Li ZHAN. Lung-Targeting Asiaticoside-Loaded Cationic Liposomes for Injection; Advanced Nano-Bio-Materials and Devices; 2017:1(4):210-222

This study aimed to develop a sustained-releasing asiaticoside-loaded liposome with well lung-targeting. Liposomes were prepared by film-dispersion and extrusion method. The rotatable central composite design (RCCD) with three-factor and five-level were applied to evaluate the optimization experiments. To maximize the percentage encapsulation efficiency (EE) and drug loading, a quadratic polynomial model was generated to predict […]

Cristian RAVARIU, Mihai DOGITA; Enzyme-FET Transistor Technology and Simulations Aided by Microelectronics Tools; Advanced Nano-Bio-Materials and Devices; 2017:1(4):204-209

ENFETs are field-effect transistors integrated in the same chip with their recognition enzymatic elements, applied to bio-molecules detection like urea, creatinine, glucose, pesticides and so on. Despites to the recent developments, the concept of the ENFET designing is pretty complex and challenging, requiring microelectronics, electro-chemistry and bio-recognitions knowledge. Therefore, this paper presents some punctual advances […]

Qian PENG, Xi LAN, Jing-Yi CHEN, Jing-Yang LI, Li CHEN, Li ZHANG, Ling ZHANG; Preparation and Evaluation of Baicalin-Loaded PLGA Microspheres In Vitro and In Vivo; Advanced Nano-Bio-Materials and Devices; 2017:1(4):191-203

Here, the Baicalin-loaded PLGA microspheres (BC-MS) were prepared, and their properties in vitro and in vivo were evaluated. The microspheres were prepared using the solvent evaporation method based on O/W emulsion. The HPLC method was established in the determination of the content of baicalin in the microspheres. The surface and particle size were observed by […]