kotor how to not get banned from manaan

Board of CHAUNNA (6 a side Soccer) Federation for India is an Affiliated body from Asian Chaunna Soccer Confederation/ ACSC & patronize by World Federation for CHAUNNA Board/ WFCIB is based at the United States of America with a worldwide patent for name & logo for this sport. Before going back out of the hatch behind where the scientists are located, go back to the little room before where the force field was. The north end beyond the force field is guarded by two more assault droids. With that in mind, go into the next room when the coast is clear and examine the bodies. One thing you need to keep in mind is that, if you followed my walkthrough, you'll have two Sonic Emitters to use. Choose to inject toxins into the Kolto Harvester or explode the machine to access the Star Map 1. I have tried every combination of options I can think of with no success. As you go through this next corridor, a lone Sith soldier will be waiting for you. Another footlocker near the front-end of the hangar will reveal 3 Antidote Kits. Decrypt Sith Passcards: (Video of me decrypting Sith passcard) You will be asked a series of math questions and you'll have to choose the correct answer. Transfer from injector to container You don't have to do either, or you can do one or the other. The door to the training annex is locked if you haven't been approached in Ahto West about missing Selkath. If I report this violation to my superiors the Republic will be banned from Manaan - but I do not wish to do this. Once in the Cantina, you'll find a man named Niko Bwaas. Then go forward and through the next door, into another corridor. After disabling the force field, return to the corridor exiting the security checkpoint to the north and follow it around a bend to the northeast where it ends in a door, beyond which is a room containing a trio of Dark Jedi: The two remaining Dark Jedi receive bonuses depending on your character level: The east door is labelled Flow Control Room, while beyond the north door is a short corridor leading to the south door of the security room, which is divided by a force field. Your CD-ROM drive may have stopped responding. 2. It can't hurt to get a little experience from battle. Confirm his joining of the party and then listen to him as he tells you to use his knowledge of the override codes to open the locked door (since it's locked due to an automatic lockdown). You need to turn back now, and find your way back to the submarine that'll bring you back up to the Republic Embassy. The man who approaches you as you wake up will talk to you. You can essentially blackmail the court by saying you will tell people there is no more Kolto unless they let you go (and don't ban the Republic either). As you do, an elite pilot named Carth Onasi will contact you and Trask and tell you to get to the bridge of the ship immediately to help protect Bastila. You'll be able to speak with both Kono and Sami after you stop the depressurization process. You'll see another man in the same yellow underwater suit that you're wearing. Side Quests like Nilko Bwaas and Kidnapped Selkath Youth will not be able to be turned in. Go underwater to the Hrakert Station Take out the foes in the area and search their corpses. Additionally you'll find 2 Antidote Kits in a footlocker in the corner of the room, vital to heal yourself of the poison the Selkaths can put upon you. Nilko Bwaas Fill injector pod 5.South Asian Sub- Junior (U- 14 Boys & Girls). Events: Every Docking Bay area in the game is an "event location". Datapad: This item is optional to obtain however you can use it to convince Shasa that the Sith are evil or you can use it to convince the Selkath High Court that the Sith are evil when you're taken into custody after leaving the Sith Base. Conveniently, if you go into the footlocker on the right side of the room, you'll find both Parts you need for the droid and Computer Spikes you need to hack the computer system. The Mek-Sha stronghold is a base of operations to control your local crime syndicate or run your own nightclub for the local miners to unwind, and is one of the many types of player housing you can get in Star Wars: the Old Republic. kotor how to not get banned from manaan. Go to the Manaan Docking Bay and open the door to the Private Hangar - it's marked on your map. For locations on every point of interest check my Manaan Companion Guide. He even provides you with some clues. will i ever be able to go to alto city again, or since i chose the poison decision, i can never come back? Good to have. And now, on to the walkthrough. As you approach the door off of the bridge, you won't be allowed to go through unless you first level up (so do so). CHAUNNA played into a mini size of ground with 6 + 3 a side format & concept. It should be said as a preliminary note that this game can be incredibly open-ended. I strongly recommend you do some exploring as there is a lot to find here. There will be a long scene during which you'll be put on trial. The Data Module is required to give to Roland at the Republic Embassy and the Datapad solves the Kidnapped Selkath Youth Side Quest, it's also a get out of jail free card for what comes next. If you received the token from the dying Selkath in the medical room then it can still be hard to persuade them (unless Bastila is in your party to do so if you fail), or the datapad from the footlocker in the Dark Jedi Master's private chamber at the east end of the training room can convince them without any further persuasion: There's a footlocker by the north wall in the northwest corner: Return to Shaelas in the mercenary enclave of Ahto West, leaving the base via the elevator to Ahto East. 8. Do what you'd like but make sure to not run in there and fight them on your own or you will die. Light Side Points: (Video of me overloading the Kolto Tank) Repogram the harvesting machine and cause it to explode. Transfer from injector to container Kidnapped Selkath Youth 5. Indeed That would explain the reason a passcard for entry was found on your person. Use the Computer in the same room as you to turn off the depressurizationor speak with Kono and Sami and convince them you are not a threat to them with either [Persuade] or [Force Persuade]. However, if you switch him to the head of the party (as he recommends) and use his Security skill, he can again override the locked door, granting you access to the next part of the ship. kotor how to not get banned from manaan Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic (PC) To decrypt the card you need to solve the patterns with math mathmatics. carrier unlock boost mobile phone. 7. Beyond the north door is a corridor leading west and curving north to the door of the training annex where you'll find the missing Selkath, while to the east it passes a door labelled East Barracks in the south wall and eventually curves south, beyond the pressure doors of flow control. Avoid choosing "Relax. 7. The only way you can hurt them is to activate the Sonic Emitter when they go at you. In addition to simply getting the equipment out of the foot locker, you'll also get experience, your first experience "dose" in the game. They are many and too numerous to document. You're going to want to head to the Republic Embassy next where you'll want to speak with Roland and give him the Data Module. In the room beyond the scientists, you'll find the door leading back out to the water. Interrogate Sith Prisoner: The interrogation with this Sith Prisoner works a lot like the one on Korriban with truth serum. Behind you and to your right are two more doors we need to explore. Easy to defeat, no worries. When they are slain, inspect their bodies for any goods they might have on them. CHAUNNA played into a mini size of ground with (6 + 3 a side format), Federation for India is an Affiliated body from Asian Chaunna Soccer Confederation. star citizen laranite mining location; locum tenens new zealand salary. Although both sides will have casualties in this small cutscene, the Sith come up on top. 4. Below are the two different approaches that you'll have for disabling the Kolto Harvesting Machine along with the ramafications of each action. There's a footlocker to the left by the north wall in the northwest corner, and another to the right by the south wall in the southwest corner: Beyond a door in the east wall is a small chamber with another footlocker by the southeast wall, which is mined: This datapad will convince the missing Selkath in the dormitory that the Sith are evil without persuasion. The one Jedi (who Trask tells you was accompanying Bastila) will kill the Sith Jedi, but only to be killed by a random explosion herself. It will have a group of dying Selkath in there that will give you a token which you can use to convince Shasa and the other Selkath that the Sith are evil. This corridor is patrolled by a Sith heavy trooper: The corridor to the east of the security checkpoint and secondary entrance curves north to a door labelled Flow Control Room, beyond which is the south end of flow control: a Sith captain stands by the south computer power conduit, while a Sith war droid stands in the southwest corner and two Sith elite troopers stand just beyond, to the south of the corridor exiting to the west. Very well. Work your way into the next room and take out the Selkaths. 16 Jun June 16, 2022. kotor how to not get banned from manaan. On Normal the vents do 25 damage each, they'll do less on Easy. Kill them all and search their bodies. kotor how to not get banned from manaan. Both locations are marked on my map above. There is only a single set of answers you can give to the Selkath High Court that will not result in your ban, they're mentioned below. Search them both to find 50 Credits, 2 Sonic Grenades, and 3 Antidote Kits. Selkath: Here you will find a group of Selkath youth which are involved in the Kidnapped Selkath Youth Side Quest. I see the Sith for what they truly are: ruthless and evil. Both sides are pursuing open acts of war against each other and you just end up tossed in the mix. Our destination is the eastern most portion of the sea floor where there will be two doors you can enter that lead to the Kolto Control map. The way you want to go with your answers are obvious throughout the conversation being straight with your questions is "light" while being rude with your questions, et cetera, is considered "dark." Morality should be your choice on Manaan, not Republic or Sith. Here, you can go forward through a door or left into a corridor full of patrol droids. NPCs involved in Side Quests or events that give Dark Side/Light Side Points are most of what I point to. Talk to him in the Cantina and, if you haven't yet talked to him up to this point, he'll tell you that he's curious what happened with the young Selkath that are basically missing in Ahto City. You'll need to move leftward now. stage gate model advantages and disadvantages. Go to the Manaan Docking Bay and open the door to the Private Hangar - it's marked on your map. Also looked up various guides and orderings, none of which worked. 4th Answer: 2 There's also a footlocker by the west wall in the northwest corner: The token may be sufficient to convince the missing Selkath that the Sith are evil if you're highly persuasive, but more certain proof can be found in the training room Two practice droids in the north half of the training room are attacking a Selkath apprentice to the south: Beyond the door in the east wall in the northeast corner is a short corridor ending in another door, beyond which is a Dark Jedi Master flanked by a Selkath apprentice to either side: Focus on him: if Improved Energy Resistance is used, his two 'apprentices' go from being relatively harmless to completely harmless. Prior to speaking with these Selkath you'll want to explore the room in this Training Annex to the southeast. Firaxa Sharks are the only enemies you'll face in the open ocean and you can instantly defeat them by using the Sonic Emitter when they agro you and start swimming towards you. As big and in-depth as it is now, it will be more so by the time we're through. You cannot reprogram it anymore. The fish people would ban you from Manaan, so you couldnt go back. Below are the 3 approaches laid out for you so you can choose the one that best suits you. As you sloowwwwwly move leftward, you'll eventually see a well-lit door leading back into the underwater base. You can also do the Kidnapped Selkath Youth Side Quest inside of the Sith Base, this quest is tied in closely with our story objectives. Off of this corridor are several rooms, some of which with goods, others of which have pressurized doors that'll lead you into the oceans of Manaan. From StrategyWiki, the video game walkthrough and strategy guide wiki. Transfer from injector to container 3. You can fool around with that computer console as well if you'd like otherwise, ignore the door to your right (it's a dud). If you want to have your phone out while you play and don't feel like scrolling through a guide with no pictures - you can simply use the map locations on this page instead. Beyond a door labelled East Barracks in the south wall is a small barracks with a Sith grenadier with a Disruptor Rifle and three Thermal Detonators at its east end and a Sith heavy trooper at its west, which is mined with a footlocker by the northwest wall. The planet is completely covered in water and is the only known source of kolto - a potent healing liquid - in the galaxy. Before this door is one labelled Disassembly Room in the south wall, beyond which is a short corridor ending in a door to the south, with a faulty war droid standing to the left: The droid is actively engaged in its patrol route. Go to your foot locker in your chambers (where you currently are) and grab and equip your gear. Beyond the north door of the security checkpoint is a corridor with a door in its west wall, beyond which is the south end of another corridor leading north but curving to the west, ending in a door (beyond which is the west lounge and the north computer room). *** This stronghold is only visible on the Public Test Server! The Knights of the Old Republic CD may have been removed. Go forward through the door now, and through another door, where you'll run into a Twi'lek. In order to reprogram it you'll need to do the following at the Kolto Tank: 1. Tell him that not only did you find the young Selkath and turn them away from the Sith, but you found his young child and turned her away from the Dark Jedi path as well. Before going out there, get the Advanced Medpac and Repair Kit out of the footlocker there. Posted by on 16.6.2022 with cdph interview questions on 16.6.2022 with cdph interview questions In this room you'll find a series of lockers you can pick and get goods out of. When you first arrive at Hrakert Station you'll encounter a mercenary who will be freaking out. To survive their attack simply stop the depressurization by using the computer panel in the same room or speak with them through the Force Field and [Persuade] or [Force Persuade] them to stop. Talk to him and he'll ask you about why the Republic is hiring mercenaries. As you enter the next part of the ship, a Republic guard will be getting mowed down by a pair of Sith Soldiers. Just south of the Sith Base you will find a droid shop run by Yortal Ixlis, if you help get Sunry off the hook in the Sunry Murder Trial Side Quest then this shop owner will offer you a discount on everything he sells. There are two vertical lockers in here as well, holding a Hyper-Adrenal Strength and 2 Average Plasma Mines . I don't feel tardy. As Trask suggests, equip your melee weapons here (Short Sword in one hand, Long Sword in the other) and have him stay back and use his Blaster Rifle. You'll find when the smoke clears that Bastila isn't here, so continue forward and around the control panels and through another door, heading to the escape pod area of the ship. This submersible will take you deep underwater to an underwater Republic station. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast, A subreddit for fans of BioWare's classic 2003 RPG Star Wars: *Knights of the Old Republic*, Obsidian Entertainment's 2004 sequel *Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic II: The Sith Lords*, and the upcoming *Knights of the Old Republic: Remake*, Press J to jump to the feed. Engage the five or so Sith enemies in this large winding corridor, making sure to check all of their bodies for goods when they've fallen. Banned from Manaan - Nov 24, 15 Note to Guests: For the enjoyment of other visitors, and to help keep this forum tidy and working smoothly, please make sure you search the forum before posting. Transfer from injector to container. You can complete the mission for the Republic simply by exploring the southwest section of the base closest to the entrances, without encountering any Force users or, if you enter from Ahto East, any mines. The Hrakert Rift is the final location on Manaan that you'll be visiting and where you'll find the Star Map. And with that, we're free to leave Manaan - you've done everything you needed to here! You mean you never walked to the star map and actually walked all the way back and exited the level? All we need in this area for our primary story quest is an Environmental Suit and a Sonic Emitter. Good times. Although there are seemingly many doors out of this winding corridor area, all but one are broken. 7. Here, you can go up or left. Side Quests: This part of Ahto West has Nilko Bwaas as well as Shaelas who gives you the Kidnapped Selkath Youth Side Quest. If you try to use the door control to the left on the east wall: To get through to the east side, exit and use the door control for the first pressure door to the north: Once inside the empty chamber, use the flow control in the south wall: Now you can open the three remaining pressure doors to the east to access the corridor beyond. You can actually refuse the credits, and you'll get Light Side points if you want. Actually, he's not a man - he's a Selkath. © Copyright 2008-2022 Almar's Guides. Head back to the submarine at the Republic Embassy and work your way back to where the Twi'lek was. Following the time when you get your equipment and gear yourself up, Trask will automatically join your party. You'll get 500 experience points for your troubles as well. The ONLY reason I don't wanna be banished yet is because I still need to kill the last assassination target in the Gammorian (I know I spelled that wrong) mission. The escape pod, on the other hand, lands on the Sith-occupied planet of Taris below. He'll thank you and give you 500 Credits. You'll have the opportunity to [Force Persuade] your way out of jail and not pay anything if you go this route. Plead not guilty If you didn't collect the Datapad then you'll need to tell them that the Sith offered you a job and when you refused they attacked you. 3. How the puzzle works is you turn on Solo Mode and you inch your way through the hall little by little paying close attention to the vents. 9. These two will give you a run down on what happened in the facility and how you can fix the insane Selkath problem and return everything to normal. This way you won't get banned. Henceforth this walkthrough, while written as impartially as humanly possible, will likely document what happens if you answer everyone with a snide attitude. 5. Otherwise, you'll need to return to the Sith base in Ahto East again, where you'll find it's now guarded by a single assault droid and a Sith droid has replaced the diplomat behind the reception desk. Killing Sith simply because they needed killing or are a blight upon the galaxy. Even if you answer the questions correctly you'll still ruin your reputation on Manaan - most Selkath will refuse to even talk to you. [All . if you quick transport yourself back to the Ebon Hawk before you go down there, then later, when you get banned, you can just us the teleport back thing to get you back inside the city. Light Side Points: (Video of me overloading the Kolto Tank) Repogram the harvesting machine and cause it to explode. i have gotten through several of the first patterns but the last two are much harder than the others. but there must be a way. The whole ideal of the planet is to not take a side, and truly taking either side will end with you being banned from the planet for one reason or another. For a good writeup of exactly how it works check the Kotor 1 wiki. There are numerous Side Quests for you to pick up and complete on this planet, if you'd like to see the map location for where you can find all of them check my Manaan Companion Guide. **Warning** If you choose to put toxins into the water and poison it you'll be taken into custody when you resurface on Manaan and (possibly) banned from the planet permanently. The room that leads to the submarine is located deep in the Republic Embassy. Then go through the door. Make sure to search their bodies to see if they have anything (such as Credits and other goods), and heal if need be (although you shouldn't have to). So what do I need to tell the. Helped me out ode got it on first try doing this lol thank you, https://www.neoseeker.com/forums/3375/t254726-interragation-with-sith-spy-in-republic-embassy-please-help/, Youre awesome I have all kinds of persuasion and I still wasnt getting the job done, Dude, your character is the only one who CAN have points in persuade, what on earth were you thinking? You're eventually introduced to your Arbiter (he'll be to you what you were to Sunry earlier). She will ask to speak with Jolee and if he is in your party you'll automatically begin the Sunry Murder Trial Side Quest. When you're ready to start the story quest on Manaan you'll want to head over to the Republic Base found in East Central. Talk to Roland Wann, who is waiting for you there. The way these vents work is there are always two which have no steam blowing out of it and they switch on and off in an ascending/descending order. Note: You'll find a locker with a man inside of it in the same room that you pick up the Environmental Suit. Transfer from injector to container. No experience is received for disabling sentry droids, except for those in the security room guarding the north side of the force field since they're killed; nor is it received for corrupting sentry droid targetting, although it is received if when those in the disassembly and flow control rooms are killed by the Sith (those in the security room will only ever inflict a single point of damage on each other with a maximum critical damage roll, so corrupting their targetting is only worth it as a distraction). It doesn't really matter if you do that mission as the last thing on the planet, because then you don't need to come back. Leviathan - Once you obtain 4 of 5 Star Maps you'll automatically be picked up by the Leviathan when traveling to another planet, Tatooine - Here you'll be able to get a new party member HK-47, Kashyyyk - During the story quest of Kashyyyk you'll be joined by Jolee, a new party member. There are sharks everywhere. what are the answers to decrypt the card? By . Controlled by the Rakata before the founding of the Galactic Republic, Manaan became independent following the collapse of their Infinite Empire and the Selkath ruled the planet . Show the judges the Datapad you got from inside the Sith Base Then, go through the next door to an empty room. The Sith tried to lure you to the dark side or offer you a job, then double-crossed you or attacked you when you refused. Below are all of the correct answers laid out for you - or you can watch my video instead if you'd like to be walked through the quest that way. It explodes as soon as you get off of it. 2. Go ahead through this corridor, passing the Security Droid on your left. Transfer from injector to container For the map location of each area check my Manaan Companion Guide. Transfer from injector to container The most direct route to complete your mission for the Republic is through the north door; beyond the east door is the secondary entrance to the base via the transport from the Sith private docking bay, and the flow control room further to the northeast.. Droid Repair []. Professor_Gai 2 yr. ago. Go back to the beginning of this corridor and through that door, into the next corridor. This is what will happen to you if you too if you aren't careful! Beyond the north door of the security checkpoint is a corridor with a door in its west wall, beyond which is the south end . But the charges you are faced with are far more grave. Bastila's Mother (Can't start on Manaan or Korriban) From where we battled, go left down the corridor to yet another door. Once you do this you'll be able to move through each corridor one by one without any issues. All rights reserved. it opens up so many options, and honestly, is the most OP stat to have. It'll get you Light Side points, but feeding poison into the ocean will get you Dark Side points and kicked off of Manaan. June 14, 2022. You don't have to interrogate the prisoner. There's a footlocker by the east wall in the northeast corner of the room beyond: Beyond the door in the east wall is the south end of a short corridor leading to a junction to the north: to the west end is a door in the north wall labelled Dormitory, to the north end is a door in the east wall labelled Training Room, and to the east end is a door in the south wall labelled Medical Room. After talking with them and learning how you can reach the Star Map you'll be given the option of killing them for Dark Side Points. Go forward from the leftmost airlock, and when you can go right or left, go left. Inside Hrakert Station you will need to pick up the Environmental Suit as well as the Sonic Emitter to continue with the story. Manaan Companion Guide Walkthrough - Kotor 1. Be nice to the planet and access fuel tank pressure control. Answer his questions as honestly as you want, or straight-out lie; simple facts when the trial gets underway will set you free my dear man. The guy with the datapad is offering you a special bounty hunting opportunity, though.it's pretty nicegetting more chances to kill people. Accept his offer, then talk to him again and tell him about what you've found. Once down here, you can find a footlocker in the back end of the submarine hangar which holds 2 Repair Kits. Inside of this base the other 'puzzle' is the red steam vents in the northwestern part. and then "[Persuade/Lie] Perhaps we would give you back to the Sith, but keep him. Simply tell him you'll follow him, and then do just that - follow him. Disable it and then search the footlocker near the top of this room to find another Sonic Emitter, a Medpac and another Scientist's Memo . My Companion Guide will show you an overview of each location on each planet along with any points of interest on that map you can visit. kotor how to not get banned from manaan . In order to reprogram it you'll need to do the following at the Kolto Tank: 1. In them you will find 2 CryoBan Grenades and 2 Medpacs. Transfer from injector to container 7. I was able to not get banned from Manaan when I talked to the Selkaths. This part of Manaan is where you'll want to go if you'd like to participate in some Swoop Races. The most direct route to complete your mission for the Republic is through the north door; beyond the east door is the secondary entrance to the base via the transport from the Sith private docking bay, and the flow control room further to the northeast. Unlike real life it's best to represent yourself in this trial and you'll want to either give the Selkath the Datapad you found Or you'll need to convince them that you were there on diplomatic reasons and the Sith double-crossed you. I have this datapad as proof that the Sith are up to no good! If you really want to do the interrogation and you don't have any Persuade or Charisma, I believe the only path is to try , followed by . Manaan is an aquatic planet in the Pyrshak system and home to the amphibious Selkath species. How do I solve (temple catacombs tile pattern)? Don't let them hit you as they'll one shot you just like the other guy. 7.National Beach Championship. The only downside is that you will be banned from Manaan and take a sizable Darkside hit, although this can obviously be a good thing if you're playing that alignment. Well there's someone named Shaelas in the Cantina here in Ahto City who will be happy to hear this news. i have gotten through several of the first patterns but the last two are much harder than the others. Once in this room, head up and right through some doors to the Starboard part of the ship, where the pods are located. Going right leads to a dead end. Find Roland Wann (in the same place he was before, behind that little computer terminal in the first room of the Republic Embassy). Essentially you're given two paths on how to return everything to normal - one path will give you Dark Side Points and the other Light Side Points. On this page you'll find my Companion Guide for Manaan in Kotor 1. Beyond the door at the north end of the corridor on the east side of the flow control room is the security computer room, whose west side is mined: There's also a Sith grenadier with a Disruptor Rifle and three Thermal Detonators on that side and a Sith heavy trooper in the southwest corner, while two Sith elite troopers stand to the east, on the north side of a desk. Those who are looking to play the way of Luke Skywalker will find help within this guide and walkthrough, but some parts might be incorrect for the path you choose. elma, texas to austin texas bill costner biography. Much like the other merchant on Manaan, if you help get Sunry acquitted during his murder trial you'll receive discounted prices at Tyvark's store too.

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