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The SEC used to be one of the sole holdouts with only a few teams, namely Ole Miss and Texas A&M, embracing the shift. Defenses that base out of the Tite Front dont mind the bounce because their speedy (and usually free)LBs can now chase down the RB while its overhangs box everything back inside (think of them like the Double Eagles wide-9s). But mostly, Halls role was to stay in the middle of the field to aggressively close on the many quick-hitting passes the Cowboys employed and discourage the posts that defined the offense. Were trying to stay very consistent in terms of our message so we can get better throughout the year.. Theyre helping us as a coaching staff and that stuff, you cant put a price on those things.. So no matter the look, USCs run defense needs to get better. Herman's offense is a spread system focused on running the ball downhill, primarily with inside zone runs, and he found 3-4 defenses that played quarters coverage like Orlando's to be the toughest schemes to deal with while at Ohio State. Texas didnt do much to stop the onslaught late in the game (no one did), but there are some definite takeaways. The diagram below illustrates the fronts usefulness versus a popular Spread play, the Power Read. It rotated just one inside linebacker (Kanai Mauga) in, and that was only for a handful of plays. Sometimes when youre a good player, youre just worried about yourself and making your plays, Orlando said. Adam Grosbard covers USC athletics for the Orange County Register and Southern California News Group. But structurally, in our opinion, its still so sound.. Preparing for his first season as defensive coordinator at No. He is the defensive coordinator at the University of South Florida . FAU brings back a solid core talented defenders in their front seven and have also added numerous former blue-chip transfers to solidify their front seven. Lincoln RileyandKliff Kingsburycome from the Air Raid tree, but their systems look quite different in the same way Kansas States pro-style, option-heavy scheme varies from Oklahoma States spread. Todd Orlando (born March 24, 1971) is an American football coach. Email. Visit our online store to order your copy. The rotation should expand when Pili returns, but at the moment USCs defensive personnel is what it is. Lets start with the base defense. 20 Southern California, however, has been different because of the coronavirus pandemic. Imagine if this actually happens. And now former defensive end Malcolm Roach, as he prepares for the NFL Combine, reflected on how much he would have liked to play in Ashs scheme and how much he thinks it will benefit the 2020 Longhorns. After that hell usually return to the picture one last time before moving to the board to draw different concepts out of the same look. The Longhorns sessions reflect that. He brings a passion, energy, toughness and discipline to his coaching, Helton said, and those characteristics were evident in our discussions. It also means Orlandos weekly priority of taking away what he calls "game wreckers" is even more imperative. Echols was the extra linebacker who came onto the field in those scenarios. Facing an offense that averaged 45 points per game, fourth nationally, Orlando reversed one of the core principles of his defensive philosophy. The result was a defense that failed to take advantage of the pass-rushing talent of players like Graham, Ossai, and Roach because once the scheme that Orlando spent the offseason developing was no longer effective, its extremely difficult to make those changes once the season begins. Theres no favoritism. The Spread offense has touched every corner of college football. Saban has finally embraced the change as well, throwing the ball more than he ever has before with Tua Tagovailoa. Its a pretty substantial change in terms of what theyre doing on defense. Herman wanted a coordinator capable of calling a multiple defense, and Orlando fit that bill. (Roger Steinman / AP) Ryan Kartje (LA Times) -- Through spring and summer, the physical, hard-nosed brand of defense Todd Orlando promised to bring to USC remained strictly . You would think its hard to learn, but he made it so simple.. FAU's defense . He said on the first day of practice that it was clear these guys knew more than they would have coming into a fall camp in a normal year, which is quite a statement when you consider they didnt have a spring. In an interview posted on the schools Twitter account, Orlando promised that his USC defenses would be aggressive and attack people., I really believe that in todays game, creating negative yardage plays, attacking the quarterback, turnovers, all those things go into creating explosive plays on defense, Orlando said. That will change Saturday, as USC takes on San Jose State in the 2021 season opener. And that might just be the way it is moving forward. It has been an awful showing for USCs defense, and the coaching has to be the sole reason for the blame. Thats where adaptability comes into play. After the second day of pads (last spring) we were like, Golly, we havent do this much hitting in a minute. Its just that mental toughness they instill in us. He trains the defense to quickly show one look before audibling to another with merely a glance to the sideline just before the snap. But full contact could always force further change. As I wrote in early 2019 after Texas defeated Georgia, Orlandos defense uses hybrid players and different alignments to put pressure on offenses. Find out which 3 #USC players go to the Bears in an NBC Sports Chicago mock draft. Herman said Orlando would be the first assistant in his foxhole. In reality, Texas players say their responsibilities change little from week to week. Continue reading Attacking the Tite Front. Thinking about becoming a VIP subscriber to Owls247? However, although Hill called Orlandos scheme gimmicky, thats not really true Baylor and Iowa State both had highly productive defenses in 2019 with similar schemes. The "mac" or middle linebacker helps call the defense and serves as the "first responder" for the defense against the run, looking to plug gaps and spill blocks to the outside linebackers (or nickel and dime defenders as the case may be) and his partner the "rover" linebacker. The name of the game for Orlando is attacking opponents where they are always weakest -- in their ability to handle pressure and confusion with little reaction time. A Michigan native and University of Michigan graduate, Kartje previously wrote for Fox Sports Wisconsin and the Bloomington (Ind.) Owl fans had seen this defensive scheme recently when defensive coordinator Glenn Spencer coached FAU in 2019 as part of the 11-3 Conference USA and Boca Bowl championship season. The Tite Front was all the rage during the 2017 season. Weve changed that.. Aside from one spring practice, the intricacies of his scheme were installed only over Zoom. Lack of preparation, scheme and just overall performance is all tied in, but it hasnt been a good effort whatsoever. Aggressive, physical, unfearing. Imagine if this actually happens. Then Utah States defensive coordinator, Orlando flew to Columbus, Ohio to interview with Herman for Houstons defensive coordinator job in January of 2015. As spread offenses became a prevalent force in the college game, Orlando knew he needed to adapt. He was also inheriting a schedule that included Sam Darnold and USC, Jesse Ertz and Kansas State, Baker Mayfield and Oklahoma, Mason Rudolph and Oklahoma State, Kenny Hill and TCU, Will Grier and West Virginia and ultimately Drew Lock and Missouri -- essentially, some of the cream of the crop in terms of modern spread offense and spread quarterbacking. Are Dejon Benton and Kobe Pepe ready to play? Tackling has been an issue, (as has) lots of defensive miscommunication. Learn more about troubleshooting WordPress. The Cyclones used the Dime look as their base defense for the entire season, leading to victories over high-powered offenses like Oklahoma (#1 in BCfToys Offensive Efficiency) and Memphis (#16). Herman starts most practices with a variation of the circle drill (essentially a one-on-one meeting in a small space that Herman calls out one by one) to ramp up the energy. On several occasions, the Trojans walked a safety up into the box, mainly Talanoa Hufanga, in order to have seven players near the line of scrimmage for run support. USC defense has different feel in camp after full offseason Due to the pandemic, USC was unable to implement new defensive coordinator Todd Orlando's scheme in person before the 2020. Most offensive schemes in the Big 12 didn't have many built-in answers for a versatile safety floating in the middle of the field and thwarting their route combos or coming unblocked against the run game. What I think were all starting to learn defensively theres some four-down stuff thats really good but the number of people you can get off the ball based on how the offense is attacking can be advantageous to you.. AZ, CO, CT, IL, IN, IA, KS, LA, (select parishes), MD, MI, NH, NJ, NY, OH, OR, PA, TN, VA, WV, WY, CA-ONT only.Eligibility restrictions apply. The Iowa St. Cyclones rose from #103 in 2016 to a respectable #32in BCfToys efficiency rankings in 2017. Herman just needed to know if the pair would mesh personally. Though Todd Orlando's (DC, USC) time at Texas came to a screeching halt after the 2019 regular season, one thing is clear, the man can create pressure. Locke. Here is where USCs struggles against the run and its short rotation, particularly on the defensive line, tie together. Thats important to me. In 2021 most defensive coaches will tell you their defensive schemes are "multiple,'' which is true to a degree. Through spring and summer, the physical, hard-nosed brand of defense Todd Orlando promised to bring to USC remained strictly theoretical. He also coaches the linebackers. Owl fans had seen this defensive scheme recently when defensive coordinator Glenn Spencer coached FAU in 2019 as part of the 11-3 Conference USA and Boca Bowl championship season. End Jacob Lichtenstein is expected to be a contributor this season, and freshman Korey Foreman will be ready on third down early in the season. Greg Johnson is the veteran returner at nickel back. But when asked what separates Orlando from other defensive coaches, Herman pointed out a single aspect of Orlandos repertoire: Its just his creativity, his adaptability.. The time is now! He served as the defensive coordinator at the University of Texas at Austin from 2017 to 2019 and the University of Southern California (USC) from 2020 to 2021. Orlandos defensive turnaround in Austin stems back to that interview in Columbus. By closing both B gaps, the offense has to either plug it up the A gap (which most Spread teams wont do) or run it outside. A good run defense has been a calling card of. Then well get an idea of what the defense is truly capable of after losing contributors like DT Marlon Tuipulotu, CB Olaijah Griffin and Pac-12 Defensive Player of the Year Talanoa Hufanga. Its the reason one of the worst defenses in program history in 2016 transformed into one of the best with the same players in college football's most potent offensive conference. Gambling problem? Will Alabama transfer Ishmael Sopsher be healthy enough to do so? 2 seed in the Big 12 Tournament. They handled the defending Mountain West champion San Jose State Spartans with ease. It took a toll on our bodies, Locke said. Follow Antonio on Twitter @AntonioCMorales. Two Former NBA Players Receive Prison Sentences For Fraud Scheme. The Trojans run defense would be better with defensive lineman Jay Tufele, who opted out of the season a few months ago and entered the NFL Draft. Before arriving at Utah State in 2013, Orlando traditionally ran a four-down front. Theres a little bit of schematics into it. Just the traditional tailback running game, if youre not doing good you have no chance of playing elite defense. Texas would not allow more than 29 points the rest of the season in regulation. 9 Texas hosts No. I do think that is the gambit this season with the defense: You have to risk the fact that while there may be some miscommunications, and maybe its getting a little too complicated, also that complication is what could give this defense a leg up from past defenses USC has fielded. But we understood why we were running it. Johnson and Wheeler added another 17 run stuffs combined as the linebacker position went from being a major deficit to a team strength. Call 1-800-GAMBLER. No. USC has officially found the new face of its defense. 2005-2023 CBS INTERACTIVE ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. He has a system that allows his talented players to play freely, said Baylor head coachMatt Rhule. In the concluding 2019 Pressure Tape review, MQ will breakdown three Longhorn pressures against the now-famous LSU offenses (one of the best in history). Todd Orlandoremembers feeling bad forTom Herman. Orlando has previously doubled as linebackers coach, a position that USC split last season between Johnny Nansen, who coached inside linebackers, and Joe DeForest, who coached outside linebackers. Todd Orlando remembers feeling bad for Tom Herman. One of the key subplots to USC's season opener against Arizona State is the performance of the Trojans' defense, more specifically the secondary. Hell then put on a video with several examples. If you take what he says at face value there, maybe they shouldnt be too worried about the additional wrinkles making things confusing or leading to miscommunications. Jefferson went on to lead the team with 110 tackles, including 20 run stuffs, while anchoring the interior of the Texas defense in a 3-2-6 dime package that Orlando unveiled to the bewilderment of Texas' spread-oriented Big 12 opponents. LOS ANGELES USCs season-opening 28-27 win over Arizona State offered a glimpse of what first-year defensive coordinator Todd Orlandos defense will look like. 16.2ASU19.6Washington21.8Oregon23.0Utah23.2OSU23.8Colorado24.8WSU26.5UCLA27.0Stanford27.3USC27.6Cal31.6Arizona, SportsPac12 (@SportsPac12) October 10, 2021. It was during his time at Utah that he learned to assemble the 3-4 pressure package that made him an attractive hire for Herman and then a successful coach at Houston. Orlando will get his first chance to determine the impact of the tradeoff when the Trojans begin their truncated season . This might be the most talented position group on the USC roster, but there are still some concerns. Orlando now resides in Los Angeles with the USC Trojans and it will be interesting to see how the PAC 12 chooses to attack the Orlando system. But beyond those six players, USC has question marks. He spent the 2011 and 2012 seasons under Mario Cristobal and FIU, where he won a share of the Sun Belt title and a bowl game victory. Orlando sorts film breakdown by position. Though Iowa State and their base Broken Stack that features a three-safety Dime Robber scheme has become the most popular scheme within the league, in truth, it is Todd Orlando at Texas that has made his mark around the country behind his use of a positionless defense and defending the wide-open schemes found in the league. In Orlandos scheme, the Mike is the plugger and will go away from the Nose. MQ takes a look at Texas 3rd Down pressure package versus Georgia in the Sugar Bowl. 9 Texas 75-59 win No. Orlando first will bring up a picture to show the correct placement for a player. LOS ANGELES USC has its new defensive coordinator, Todd Orlando. But players say Orlandos greatest strength is the ability to break down complicated concepts into digestible pieces. Find out which 3 #USC players go to the Bears in an NBC Sports Chicago mock draft. In fact, Gary Johnson and Anthony Wheeler combined for 10.5 sacks, nearly a third of the teams total. Its going to be real interesting to see how that unfolds in the Pac-12 with USC and everybody., Its a legitimate question in terms of how Orlando is going to play it early in the season, right? We have the same mentality, Orlando said. Longhorns defensive coordinator Todd Orlando debuted his "cowboy" package in a 45-14 win over Louisiana Tech last Saturday. Sean McVay and his 11 personnel under center (UTC) offense has taken over the league en route to a Super Bowl appearance. The Longhorns seemed to never really find a home base on defense. Orlando has 15 years of experience as a collegiate defensive coordinator in total, with previous stops at Florida International and Connecticut. Hands-on coaching was limited to distanced learning. Two things generally forced USC to shift out of its base defense. Is USC defense ready to take a leap in Year 2, Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window), Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window), Click to share on Reddit (Opens in new window). If the guard decides to climb for the Mike (illustrated), the 4i can easily get penetration and maybe even block or negate the pull (I have a clip of this later vs TCUs 11p single-back Power). Stanley, he has natural mobility. He spent just two weeks as an assistant in Lubbock, before Helton and USC came calling. Their camp D was a 3-4, but once the season hit, the packages started to proliferate. Up front, the Longhorns moved third-down specialist Breckyn Hager into one of the 4i-technique DE positions, where his scrappy playing style allowed him to battle bigger offensive linemen despite his smaller stature (6'2" 240). "I feel like I need to take some time for my wife, kids and grandkids while also looking to see if I can help college football on a larger scale," Patterson told Horns247. Odd-front defenses with nickel and dime packages on the back end are en vogue across college football. Were going to have to work the heck out of this. The Longhorns were putrid in 2015 and 2016, allowing the third- and sixth-most rushing yards in school history. Ryan Kartje is the USC beat writer at the Los Angeles Times. CBS Sports is a registered trademark of CBS Broadcasting Inc. Want to keep up with all the latest FAU football and recruiting news? Is USC defense ready to take a leap in Year 2 under Todd Orlando? 3 Kansas. Get full team. But returning veterans on the roster like safety Isaiah Pola-Mao and defensive end Nick Figueroa have made a point of helping the young players come along and be ready to contribute in 2021. Orlando said the Big 12 is unparalleled nationally when it comes to offensive playcalling. And Charles Omenihu won the Big 12 Defensive Lineman of the Year award in 2018 with 9.5 sacks playing in the same scheme that ultimately limited Orlandos last defense in Austin. Boca Raton, Fla. - Just over 24 hours after first reported that FAU defensive coordinator Mike Stoops was heading to Kentucky to coach with his brother Mark Stoops, the Owls have quickly found his replacement in former Southern California defensive coordinator and linebackers coach Todd Orlando, per Bruce Feldman. We kind of talked about this going into it. Hes at his best when hes trying to get into the backfield, and thats what he was mainly asked to do on Saturday. Gone were the experienced players in the secondary who could force the quarterback to hold the ball for an extra second or two. I just feel like now that burden is on me, being the veteran.. I love TO hes one of the smartest defensive minds I ever played for.. Hermans old college buddy,Dave Aranda, recommended Orlando highly Orlando took over as DC at Utah State when Aranda, now at LSU, went to Wisconsin. In McVays offense, the use of quick motions, multiple formations, and what seems to be an Air Raid-ish passing game has given NFL defenses fits all year. He would have. He was more of Well keep things simple, well do the same stuff. It wasnt all about the front either, the use of Match 3 (Rip/Liz) and the rebirth/redesign of the (Dime) Tampa 2, was a big contributor to how teams attacked the Longhorns, Cyclones, and Bulldogs. It has been quick to the ball, aggressive in its pass rush situations, effective at creating interceptions and disruptive in clogging the line of scrimmage on run plays. We just had to learn to embrace it, and now we look forward to it.. The familiarity with the opponent will be gone. The rover is the tip of the spear for the Orlando defensive scheme, and he uses that position as a solution to the main problem for the 3-4 defense in the modern era: How to create a multi-pronged pass rush from a nickel package. It comes as no surprise that in a league that is at the forefront of the evolution of the Spread would feature unique defenses within the league to counter the offensive onslaught. You have pass rushers out there, TaQuon Graham, Marqez Bimage, Joe Ossai guys that can get after the quarterback. perspective, he's found Orlando to be a gem of an assistant for a variety of reasons. Pac-12 reporter and columnist Jon Wilner, on the first episode of our USC Trojans: Wired Podcast, responded to those questions as follows: The two units that require the highest level of cohesiveness take quarterback out are the offensive line and the secondary. And sometimes they went with a 3-4 look with its normal defensive line (Figueroa, Marlon Tuipulotu and Caleb Tremblay) and Jackson and Hunter Echols as outside linebackers. I feel the 4-3 will help those guys to show their talents and more people will come out of Texas.. Those disguised blitzes cause an opposing quarterback to think, which is critical against tempo. Cornerback is a different situation. Antonio Morales covers USC football for The Athletic. That safety, last year played by the hard-hittingJason Hall, helped support the run defending on his read. Orlando lost both of his starting inside linebackers after the 2018 season and both were productive in his scheme. Arizona State realized that early, and its two main running backs, DeaMonte Trayanum and Rachaad White, rushed 24 times for 160 yards against USC. A safety begins with his role in installation before even glancing at another spot. Once I left, I thought we were one and the same.. Now they brought in a new staff, giving those guys the opportunity to rush the passer and show what they have.. Texas blows lead against Cal State Fullerton in 6-5 loss. The goal of Orlandos defense is twofold: 1. Drake Jackson, who spent last season as more of a strict defensive. Apr 5, 2021. At Utah State, where he worked in 2013 and 2014, Orlandos defenses also finished in the nations top 20 in fewest points allowed. The defense has numbers and is plus-one on the pulling guard. CBS Sports is a registered trademark of CBS Broadcasting Inc. You hear about soggy eggs and burnt toast. The Big 12 is not new to the concept of smaller faster players playing on the defensive side of the ball.

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