virtual lab plate boundaries and movement

understand how plate tectonics can change the shape of Earths surface. It represents a scientific revolution as significant to geology as relativity was to physics. The papers are not supposed to be submitted for academic credit. Model how a convergent boundary occurs between two continental plates. For construction projects, especially those near active faults and coastlines, engineers consider the effects of plate tectonics. ii) Every 30 seconds, record any changes in the behavior of the pieces of paper in Table B Taking the will go faster than the actual time. As the lithospheric plates move across Earth's surface, driven by forces as yet not fully understood, they interact along their boundaries, diverging, converging, or slipping past each other. How did the lab activities help you answer the lesson question: What effect does plate movement have on geologic events and structures at Earth's surface? Encourage them to explore all of the Earthquakes Living Lab, especially if they need more information to complete the worksheet. What is the evidence? How to get the most out of your experience with StudyAcademia. Study with Quizlet and memorize flashcards containing terms like In this lab, you modeled how plates move. The plates that make up Earth's lithosphere move because of _____. With this authentication token, the attacker replays the request to the server with the captured authentication token and gains unauthorized access to the serverQuestion 45 options:Session Replay attackSession Fixation attacksSession hijacking using proxy serversClient side attacksQuestion 46 (1 point) Which of the following Hping command used to intercept all traffic containing HTTP signature?Question 46 options:hping3 -Q -p 139 -shping3 -9 HTTP I eth0hping3 -S -a -p 22 --floodhping3 F P U p 80Question 47 (1 point) In webserver password cracking techniques, The attacker tries every combination of character until the password is broken, such type of attack is known as. Please note that content and links are provided for convenience only. To set up, tear off a square of wax paper for each group. 1. 3:00 surface? [Volcanoes form off to one side of a boundary. Chapter 1 - Summary International Business, The cell Anatomy and division. completely different species that is considered an invasive species in the Gently fold the taped strip of new lithosphere so that the colored sides are facing in. Pan to a divergent boundary (e.g. Have you ever noticed how the continents of Africa and South America could fit togetheralmost like puzzle pieces? (Answer: The plates in the Pacific are moving against each other [subduction], while the plates in the Atlantic are moving away from each otheran example of sea floor spreading. You will submit your completed report. The movement of the plates creates three types of tectonic boundaries: convergent, where plates move into one another; divergent, where plates move apart; and transform, where plates move sideways . Approximately two 45-minute periods virtual lab plate boundaries and movementcan low magnesium kill you. 4.4 Earth's tectonic plates consist of the rocky crust and uppermost mantle, and move slowly with respect to one another. I feel like it gives students a more concrete understanding of boundary interactions, the lithosphere, and asthenosphere. model for the different types of plate boundaries caused by the interaction of plates to Discover the interrelationships that exist between living organisms and the components and processes in an environment. Story plot adding interest3. 4. Provide two other examples of. Article on habitat-related seed germination traits in alpine habitats Once germination begins, it cannot be reversed, and Our tutors provide high quality explanations & answers. Step 9: (6), 18-19. (3) Zimmer (2011). Crust is either folded or destroyed. Chile or Aleutian Islands).? a) Drag the beaker to the tank to fill the tank with cool water. plate movement or interaction is responsible for such events. a) Drag the food coloring to the center of the tank. PSHQuestion 7 (1 point) SavedGoogle supports several advanced operators that help in modifying the search. Alignment agreement: the password to an encrypted file) from a person by coercion or tortureQuestion 44 options:Chosen-ciphertext AttackCiphertext-only AttackAdaptive Chosen-plaintext AttackRubber Hose AttackQuestion 45 (1 point) The attacker uses the following attack, in order to listen to the conversation between the user and the server and captures the authentication token of the user. Copyright Edgenuity Inc. Plate Tectonic SIM Lab: Description This is a guided lab that I designed around the Phet Plate Tectonics SIM for my Junior High Earth Science class. Time For example, go off-board of the west coast of the United States. Question 2: According to the theory of continental drift, all of the world's continents were once d) Read the text about convection currents. 4:00 The Pacific Plate is moving to the northwest at a speed of between 7 and 11 centimeters (cm) or ~3-4 inches a year. Save time with Google Form's self-checking reports for tectonics p Pre-Lab Information The ways that tectonic plates interact with each . b) Press the Continue button to proceed. c) Drag the pieces of paper to the surface of the water. Table B: Movement of Food Coloring and Pieces of Paper in Heated Water earthquake: When two tectonic plates suddenly slip past one another, creating seismic waves. Student Guide (continued) Are you in need of an additional source of income? Watch the video Our verified tutors can answer all questions, from basicmathto advanced rocket science! mrctv brittany hughes / manfred steger definition of globalization / manfred steger definition of globalization (Zoom in for more detail.) These kind of computer based social engineering is known asQuestion 42 options:Spam EmailChain LettersHoax LettersInstant Chat MessengerQuestion 43 (1 point) ICMP scanning involves in checking for the live systems, which can be done by sending the following ping scan request to a host. Paper Movement Provide details on what you need help with along with a budget and time limit. How is the behavior of food coloring in the cool and heated water different? at this type of boundary. describing Corina Tarnita's research on the spacing of termite mounds in Enter the email address associated with your account, and we will email you a link to reset your password. Cracks in the crust occur, and rift valleys and mountain ridges may form Step 6: Energy Flow Through Ecosystems Wet Lab. 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Create Lessons. Plate Tectonics Lab Report Instructions: In the Plate Tectonic lab you will investigate the interactions between continental and oceanic plates at convergent, divergent, and transform boundaries around the globe. The address the following To design adequate foundations, engineers must first understand the properties and behavior of ground and subsurface materials. Now, on the main page of the Earthquakes Living Lab website (see Figure 3), note the focus on four active seismic areas, each based on one of four historic earthquakes. seconds) They make a model of a seismographa measuring device that records an earthquake on a seismogram. The key processes of plate tectonics are 1) seafloor spreading that takes place at midocean ridges, and 2) subduction into trenches. Today, most people know that the landmasses on Earth move around. I have my first quiz on general physics I. I dont know how many questions yet because I have to open it till I hire the A certain sample of an element is known to be either nickel, sulfur, or iodine. 2 Movement -- Key concepts: movement is described by the direction and speed of an object; Changes in movement are associated with . Student Document. 4:30 Plate movements may change the shape of Earth's surface and cause geologic events such as earthquakes. Describe some important information related to this theory. d) Drop them onto the surface of the water. Ask the students: Do you see any correlations? If you or someone you know has ever had an MRI scan for a medical diagnosis, you have experienced the result of quantum physics for measuring bodily structures. Earth Science Unit 4 TestStudy Earth Science Chapter 4 using smart web & mobile flashcards created by top students, teachers, and professors. Note that the in-program timer Scientific Process. Volcanoes, mountains, They also look at how volcanoes and earthquakes are explained by tectonic plate movement, and how engineers use this information. The interactions between plates form plate _____of which there are three main types., Your model showed the role of the movement of Earth's mantle in the movement of Earth . (2012). Become Premium to read the whole document. Include arrows to show the type of plate movement. (1) I recommend that you print the For this lab, you will be making observations and interpretations about metamorphic rocks. You will also create a This activity breaks down plate boundaries into 3 basic types with additional sub-categories. 1:30 a) Read through this guide before you begin, so you know the expectations for this lab. After this activity, students should be able to: Each TeachEngineering lesson or activity is correlated to one or more K-12 science, Approximately two 45-minute periods topics with a "primary post" of at least 125 words. Evidence: To complete the worksheet,students consider tectonic plate movements along with their compiled examples and explanations in order to draw their own conclusions from the evidence presented for the theory of plate tectonics. Try Labster with your students right away. (Please note: take care not to confuse the If so, describe the relationship. Also, you will be able to reset the timer by pressing the nbstat .exe enbstat .exe tnbstat .exe cnbstat .exe iQuestion 5 (1 point) Which type of attack that search for the web server login passwords by using the alphabetical letters, symbols and number is calledQuestion 5 options:Password GuessingDictionary AttackBrute Force AttackHybrid AttackQuestion 6 (1 point) From the following TCP Communication Flags identity the flag which Initiates a connection between different hosts.Question 6 options:SYNFINACK. The behavior of the food coloring was caused by the movement of heat through the water and the formation of convection currents. The motion of the plates on opposite sides of the transform fault are consistent with seafloor being produced at each ridge and moving away to each side. please enter your pin followed by the hash key. Apply to become a tutor on Studypool! Lab: Plate Tectonics. Question 1: Is there a relationship between the locations of earthquake epicenters volcanoes and plate boundaries? Whereas the authorized person believed that the person forgot the ID badge and helped the person to go through the entrance by swiping with his/her ID badge. In this lab, you modeled how plates move. Later on that authorized person realized that the person is a non-employee of the organization and he/she is an intruder who intentionally entered into the company From the above scenario, which of the following comes under the Human-based Social EngineerinQuestion 3 options:TailgatingPiggybackingReverse Social EngineeringNone of the aboveQuestion 4 (1 point) Run the following nbtstat command, in order to get the content of NetBIOS name cache, the tables of NetBIOS names and their resolved IP addresseQuestion 4 options:. The flu virus maximizes the use of its limited (13.5(13.5(13.5 kb) genome by using alternative translation initiation sites, overlapping reading frames, and ribosomal frameshifting. Paper on a story page and include biological terms mentioned in it in APA, no plagiarism .All d 1. ; Convergent Boundary - occurs where plates push together. As soon as your work is ready, well notify you via email. and trenches are formed when a continental plate and an oceanic plate come together. What did you learn from conducting this lab? 30. c) Draw the model in Table D in the Data section of this guide. Virtual Lab: Plate Boundaries and Movement Student Guide Pre-Lab Informat ion Purpose To observe how convection moves Earth's plates and how plate boundaries are formed Time Approximately two 45-minute periods Question What effect does plate movement have on geologic events and structures on Earth's surface? Enzyme Activity Wet Lab. Step 5: c) Drag the pieces of paper to the surface of the water. What effect does plate movement have on geologic events and structures on Earth's They also suggest how what they have learned in their research might relate to engineering. b) Observe what happens to the crust at the convergent boundary. They are composed of granite rocks which are made of quartz and feldspar. Divide the class into student pairs, and have them assemble at their computers with journals/paper and writing instruments. Its also possible to use Labster without an LMS. plates come together. 7), computer or other device with Internet access, journal or writing paper for each student. Payment is made only after you have completed your 1-on-1 session and are satisfied with your session.

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