Daniela DRAGOMIRESCU, Alexandru TAKACS, Mohamed Mehdi JATLAOUI, Samuel CHARLOT, Alexandre RUMEAU, Alin-Daniel FOTACHE, Dan. E. MIHAIESCU, Andra-Elena POTING, Cristian RAVARIU; Low cost flexible assembly technique applied in wireless sensors and organic transistors; Advanced Nano-Bio-Materials and Devices; 2018:2(2):262-268

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Create Date 28th June 2018
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The paper depicts some advanced technologies in order to install a low power consumption and reconfigurable sensor networks, which presents optimal operation and excellent reliability. The results of this paper are prepared during a research project that implements a low power microsystem in package so that the antenna and the radio interface are co-integrated. Consequently, the used instrumentation is designed for small distances, in order to be able to work in restricted areas as space and non-planar zones. A key requirement for the communicating node, which are acted by the sensors network, is to propose a flexible technology able to integrate the CMOS transceiver by Flip Chip onto an organic substrate. For this purpose, the antenna was directly implemented onto a flexible polymer material. The organic substrate selection must be performed in agreement to the radiation diagram of the antenna. As a second aim of this paper, an Organic Thin Film Transistor with pentacene film is simulated to capture the static characteristics and to find the matching parameters for other organic materials. In this scope, an alternative polymer grafted on nano-core material synthesis, is depicted.