Aims and Scope

Advanced Materials and Technologies for Environmental Sciences – AdvMatTechEnv (ISSN: 2559 – 2637) is devoted to the main advances in the field of Environmental Science, especially from the point of view of the materials used in soil, water and air remediation and decontamination and the applied technologies involving these materials.

The main topics of interest are:

emerging pollutants/contaminants of soil, water and air;
ecotoxicology from fundamental to applicative aspects;
advanced materials for heavy metal adsorption;
advanced materials for organic pollutants adsorption and degradation;
advanced materials for photo-catalysis;
design and synthesis of materials for environmental applications;
synthesis, characterization and testing of 0D (nanoparticles) to 1D (nanowires, nanotubes, …), 2D (nanosheets, nanoplates, …) and 3D (bulk materials);
technology of soil, water and air remediation and decontamination;
harnessing harmful agents by introducing them in an adequate value chain; chemistry of materials;
environmental impact of the the new, emerging (nano)materials;
financial aspects related to environmental protection;
modern tools of monitoring the environmental parameters.