About Us

The SciEdTech platform is intended to play an important role in Society in all the fields related to Science and Technology without losing focus on the Education of the people. Our main focus is to bring together expert opinion in all the hot topics of modern life, from industrial to environmental and medical issues. A global trend of miniaturization was observed during all of the 20th Century while, nowadays, the main challenges are expected to be at the nanoscale. The exponential advance in all fields is due to the inter and trans disciplinary approaches in the main fields of sciences. Derived from there some new, emerging fields are now developing or consolidated such as nanomedicine, nanotechnology, bioengineering, tissue engineering, nanoelectronics, etc. Nanotechnology was established as a new, emerging science within the past few decades, even though the use of nanoparticles were known and used in China for over 3 thousand of years.

This platform is developing around the need of society to provide better education specifically to young people, but also to the entire society. The rapid evolution of all scientific fields places an increasing importance on the concept of lifelong learning. Through the developing journals, the platform will provide the newest information in the main, hot topics of society: medicine, food, environmental sciences, engineering, materials science, etc.