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The 3rd issue of the 3rd volume of Recent Advances in Food Sciences is now being populated.

Recent Advances in Food Science – RAdvFoodSci 2020; Vol 3; Issue 3 (30 September)

In this review, recent developments in Fusarium toxicosis were discussed. Health implication on human and animals as well as adverse effects on international trade were extensively discussed. Major role of climate change inconsistencies and instability in the mapping of Fusarium toxins and the recent attention gained on emerging mycotoxins were presented. The cancer producing potentials of some of the toxins to man and livestock makes the attention on the species an attraction world wide.Several determination and detection techniques  such as  ELISA and LC/MS/MS were highlighted. In addition, various intervention methods such as chemical, biological and cultural methods to control the infestation of Fusarium and the toxins were discussed.