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Advanced Nano-Bio-Materials and Devices – AdvNanoBioMD 2023; Vol 7; Issue 2 is now being populated. Thank you for all the contributors and reviewers!

Advanced Nano-Bio-Materals and Devices – AdvNanoBioMD 2023; Vol 7; Issue 2 (June 30)

This paper pertains to transistors with nucleic acids, examining their recent advancements and possible applications in biosensing and molecular electronics. These transistors utilize deoxyribonucleic acid molecules as sensing elements, allowing for the detection of explicit biological molecules or environmental factors. The article reviews the state of the art of deoxyribonucleic acid field effect transistor technology, covering the design and fabrication of nucleic acid-based sensors, their sensitivity, performances, the challenges and opportunities for implementation in various applications. These applications range from point-of-care diagnostics to drug discovery, food safety and environmental monitoring. The article concludes with a discussion of future directions and areas of advancement for transistors with nucleic acids, with a focus on materials science, device engineering, and bioinformatics. However, there are still challenges to be addressed in terms of device stability, reproducibility, scalability and for the detection of proteins, small molecules, and nucleic acids. This article proposes some strategies that have been recommended to overcome these challenges, such as the use of novel materials and device architectures.