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Advanced Nano-Bio-Materals and Devices – AdvNanoBioMD 2023; Vol 7; Issue 1 (March 30)

Achieving a hermetic seal for the repair material is known to be associated with good marginal adaptation to the root dentin wall. This study aimed to compare the marginal adaptation of Biodentine produced in different areas of application, namely the furcation and retrograde cavity, using a scanning electron microscopy (SEM) analysis. Twenty permanent human teeth, including 10 single-rooted upper anterior teeth (Group 1) and 10 lower molar teeth (Group 2), were used in this study. In Group 1, retrograde cavities were prepared, and in Group 2, artificial furcation perforations were made as their dimensions were standardized: 3 mm deep and 1.2 mm in diameter. In both groups, Biodentine was used as a filling material. Afterwards, all the teeth were sectioned longitudinally, and the gap sizes were measured and analyzed using a SEM. The data was analyzed statistically using descriptive statistics and other methods. A significantly higher mean gap size value produced by the material was observed in the furcation area (4.91 ± 0.58 µm) than in the retrograde cavity (2.57 ± 0.27 µm). Within the limitations of the present study, it was concluded that the area of application significantly affected the marginal adaptation of Biodentine.