Aims and Scope

Advanced Nano-Bio-Materials and Devices – ANBMD (ISSN 2559 – 1118) is an interdisciplinary journal devoted to disseminate the latest advances and knowledges in the medical and high-tech industrial sectors. The manuscripts devoted to nanomaterials and nanobiomaterials are welcome along with those devoted to devices based on nano- and microtechnology. The journal covers all the fundamental and applied aspects of the synthesis, processing, composition, structure, properties and performances of the nano-bio-materials and their related devices. Original researches as well as high impact review papers are welcome.

Possible topics (other topics are also welcome):


•    Design, Synthesis, Processing and Characterization Techniques of NBM;

•    Synthesis and Self-Assembly of Nanostructured Materials and Systems;

•    Surface and Bulk Modification of the Materials;

•    Advanced Drug Delivery Systems;

•    Design and Engineering of Structural and Functional Nanomaterials;

•    Green synthesis of nanomaterials;

•    Carbon based Materials;

•    Quantum Effects at Nano-Scale


Nano-Bio-Electronics and Devices:

•    All MOS aspects, including sub-100nm technology;

•    Specific effects in electron nano-devices (e.g. Fin-FET, GAA, SOI, SET, NOI, etc)

•    Modeling, simulations, fabrication, measurements techniques in electronics;

•    Novel electronic nanodevices;

•    Thin film transistors with nanocomposites or organic layers;

•    Field Effect Transistors with non-conventional advanced materials, including Biomaterials (Enzyme-FET,  Immuno-FET, Microbial-FET, etc),

•    LabOnChip; MEMS, NOEMS, Micro- and nano-fluidic devices;

•    Electronic sensors; transducers and actuators; Network sensors;

•    Electronic micro- and nano-systems;

•    Electronic circuits and apparatus for Bio-Nano-Science purposes;

•    Bioelectronics and Biosensors, electrical cells/organs monitoring, biomimetic devices.


Applications of Nano-Bio-Materials and Devices:

•    Tissue Engineering, from Soft to Hard Tissue Engineering;

•    Anti-infectious and Cancer Therapy; Pain Management;

•    Nanomaterials and Devices Applied in Ecology;

•    Industrial Applications of Electronic Circuits and Devices,

•    Electronic Applications for Industry, (e.g. automotive or aircraft human assistance, etc);

•    Imaging, Diagnostic and Sensor Applications;

•    Medical Electronics; Medical imaging;

•    Medical equipments under engineering assistance;

•    Software applications for Nano-Bio-Sciences.