Aims and Scope

Recent Advances in Food Science – RAdvFoodSci (ISSN: 2601-5412) is an international, Free Open Access journal devoted to sharing the main advances in the field of Food Science, covering the main topics from Food Quality and Security to Food Packaging Materials, Nanostructured Fertilizers and Pesticides and Derived Health Issues. The journal is mainly focusing on all aspects involving nanomaterials and nanotechnologies involved in the field of Food Science. Original as well as review papers are welcome even if, usually, the review papers are requested by the editor.

The main topics of the journal are (but not limited):
– Food chemistry, structure, safety and quality;
– Food processing and related issues;
– Food additives and contaminants;
– Health issues related to the use of foods;
– Nano-sensors used for quality control in food industry;
– Nanomaterials or nanostructured materials used in delivering pesticides, herbicides, fertilizers, etc.;
– Micro and nano-encapsulation of active agents;
– Micro and nano-structured food packaging materials;
– Bio-Nano-Technologies in Food Industry;
– Food based natural agents with biological activity;
– etc.