Katsutoshi ONO; Concept of the Hydrogen Redox High Electric Power Generation System; Advanced NanoMaterials and Technologies for Energy Sector; 2017:1(3):150-159

The purpose of this paper is to introduce the hydrogen redox electric power (HREG) and hydrogen generation systems (HRHG). The HREG offers considerable conceptual advantage such that it functions with zero energy input, zero matter input and zero emission without violating the laws of thermodynamics. Its application ranges from the large scale central-station power generation […]

Hongliang PENG, Guanghua WANG, Pengru HUANG, Fen XU, Lixian SUN and Shijun LIAO; Why nitrogen and fluorine co-doped carbon catalysts have high performance for oxygen reduction: Experimental and theoretical study; Advanced NanoMaterials and Technologies for Energy Sector; 2017:1(3):135-149

The nitrogen and fluorine co-doped carbon catalyst (C-Mela-PTFE) exhibits high performance for oxygen reduction. However, the mechanism is remained elusive. Here, we investigate the structure and oxygen chemisorption processes of C-Mela-PTFE by experimental and theoretical methods. The results show that the C-Mela-PTFE materials exhibit layered porous structure, which facilitates the diffusion of oxygen. Compare N-doped […]