Liviu POPA-SIMIL; Potential shielding applications of radiation guiding nano-structured meta-material; Advanced NanoMaterials and Technologies for Energy Sector; 2018: 2(3): 227-237

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Create Date 28th September 2018
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The development of novel nuclear-nano-materials found applications in nuclear fuels, and structural materials are paving the way for near-perfect burnap; with minimal recladding and easy fuel processing, fission products, self-separation based on nuclear reactor kinematics, with easy separation, partitioning and dispositioning, transmutation products enhanced extraction assuring super grade purity, direct nuclear energy conversion in super-capacitor like structure charged from particle and radiation energy and discharged directly as electricity, and more.

A novel class of meta-materials and nano-structure is suitable for radiation and particle guiding with applications in nuclear structure criticality control. When equipped with NEMS (NanoElectroMechanical Systems), radiation imaging and non-imaging concentrators, radiation modulators, and super-light shielding by an order of magnitude thinner than the actual shielding.