Ivan V. Kazachkov; Development of Amorphous Metals with Functionally Unique Properties Based on the Granulation Technology; Advanced NanoMaterials and Technologies for Energy Sector; 2017:1(4): 177-187

Development of the amorphous granules of metals is one of the perspective directions connected with a production of the new (including nanostructured) functionally unique materials. The methods and devices for production the spherical granules (particles) of metals of a given size, with a high cooling a rate by solidification, are presented. The cooling rate of […]

Liviu Popa-Simil; The applications of Micro-Nano-Cer-Liq materials in nuclear power ; Advanced NanoMaterials and Technologies for Energy Sector; 2017:1(4): 160-176

Modern nuclear fuels exploit the unique features of nano-structures. With proper engineering of fuel micro-nano-structure, fission products can, in principle, be separated from the fuel in-situ, and further be separated by the transmutation products. Fuel entities which are about 10 to 30 microns in diameter can contain the fuel ions in the particles while allowing […]