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Advanced Nano-Bio-Materials and Devices – AdvNanoBioMD 2021; Vol 5; Issue 1 is now being populated. Thank you for all the contributors and reviewers!

Advanced Nano-Bio-Materals and Devices – AdvNanoBioMD 2021; Vol 5; Issue 1 (March 30)

Recent technological developments have made researchers optimistic about the viability of wireless sensor network (WSN). On the other hand, the technological advancements across various domains have given momentum to realize the feasibility of cyber physical system (CPS) for various applications. The efficacy of the WSN-based application can be improved by intertwining the WSN and CPS. However, there exists multi-faceted challenges in WSN from the perspective of CPS for futuristic applications. This paper attempts to present a framework for wireless sensor network and cyber physical system (WSN-CPS). The various challenges are discussed in implementation of WSN-CPS. The unified framework of WSN-CPS envisages various comprehensive futuristic applications. Further, this paper describes medical applications of the wireless network sensors, in terms of convenient materials.